5 Ways to Promote Online Ordering Through Print Marketing

Lunchbox Editorial

Promoting your digital ordering platforms doesn?t mean you should stick to only digital advertising and marketing.

By cross-promoting with strategic print collateral, you can increase the effectiveness and exposure of your brand indefinitely. To help you take the first step in promoting with print, we?ve pulled together a list of the five most common and effective ways to interact with your customers.

Sidewalk A-Frames

Sidewalk A-Frames give your restaurants the ability to catch the eyes of all the passers-by. Utilizing beautiful and eye-catching visuals with short, memorable taglines an A-Frame makes sure that you and your restaurant gets stuck in the mind of all your potential customers.

In-Store Posters

These posters can range in size from 11?17 posters to hang by your register or takeout area, to large 18?24 that can be utilized for giant in-store advertisements. It?s essential to keep in mind the placement of where these posters will be. If you are talking to a customer, who is already in your restaurant, maybe waiting for their pickup order, target the conversation towards something they may find attractive. Such as a loyalty program they could use when they order through your own online ordering over a third-party site like GrubHub or Seamless.

Table Tents

Table tents are a powerful piece of print marketing that usually reside on where the customers are already sitting. You have two unique print areas on one table tent, which gives you the ability to highlight two different promotions or highlights about your products. Again it is important to keep in mind placement, as these are something the customers will be seeing as they are already sitting and dining with you. Keep the sales-push soft and show them why ordering through your app or web ordering over third-party sites is so much better!

Check Presenter Cards

While check presenters may be the smallest print material on this list, they offer great versatility. Use these at the end of a customer’s dine-in experience to make sure they know you have an app and a fantastic loyalty system. Another excellent tactic for these is stapling them on all of those third-party orders your restaurant gets. Use the exposure that those ordering sites give you to your advantage and expose all of those users to your own web ordering and tell them how much better it is to order with you directly!

Window Decals

Add some style to your restaurant windows and promote your digital ordering, all in one go! One of the easiest ways to have these installed is to have them printed as large ?window clings.? This way is great if you want your decals to have full-color imagery and gradients as these are printed on one sheet of transparent cling. The sleekest yet more complicated way to have these applied to your windows is through a true die-cut decal. These are large stickers that are shaped perfectly to the shapes of the words or imagery. This imagery should be produced and made print-ready through a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator.

Using these five print-marketing avenues to bring your digital ordering platforms into the physical world for your customers, gives you great cross-promotion and ensures that no matter how your customers experience your restaurant you?ve got your bases covered.

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