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Wendy’s new breakfast menu makes everyone a morning person

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It’s time to skip the midnight rave and finally embrace that morning sunshine. We’re talking about partying in the A.M!

We aren’t kidding! Wendy’s is all set to launch its new breakfast menu nationwide this March. The American fast-food chain has announced that it will be investing around $20 million across all locations to prepare for the rollout of its new breakfast menu. Much of this budget will be used to hire approximately 20,000 new employees from all around the country. 

Wendy’s declared this recently in hopes of annoying its major competitors McDonald’s, Dunkin’ and Panera.

A New Twist On Traditional Breakfasts ? Because That’s What We Deserve!

If you are ready to bid farewell to the typically sad, old breakfasts, save the date for a brekkie with Wendy’s? because it is 2020 and it’s time for something new! 

The upcoming menu has attention-grabbing names that are guaranteed to cause an appetizing uproar? we are talking about the Breakfast Baconator, Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, and a fresh twist to coffee with the Frosty-ccino. Yep, we also felt those hunger pangs somewhere deep down.

Nine sandwiches are being added to the menu? three are croissant-based, including two options that include eggs (sausage sandwich, egg and bacon sandwich, egg and Swiss cheese sandwich); then there’s also a maple bacon chicken croissant sandwich. In addition to these flaky fresh croissants, you can also look forward to new side dishes like potato wedges. Other sandwiches on the new menu are sold on biscuits and classic buns.

Think about tantalizing strips of Applewood smoked bacon, Wendy’s signature sausage patty with a twist, and fresh hand-cracked eggs on every breakfast sandwich? we’re dunkin‘ some of that delectably egg-y glory on the morning haters here.

Wendys Is All Geared Up For The Breakfast Battle? Love? Fear? Is In The Air!

Looking for a serving of side-splitting funnies with your breakfast?

Check out Wendy’s official Twitter account for a face-off between breakfast giants! The battle has been brutal so far, and dare we say that Wendy’s is winning this roast? we can only imagine the mad-genius style sniggering behind those wisecracks. 

Wendy’s instigated this? Breakfast Battle? on social media with its snarky tweets since the announcement of the breakfast menu?s launch. It’s lately been featuring former McDonald’s Chef Mike Haracz, who seems to have joined Wendy’s breakfast party and quite clearly approves of the move.

In the face of this brave new step taken by Wendy’s, McDonalds CEO Chris Kempzinski has reportedly claimed that his company has to win at breakfast.? With that said, the competitor also launched two new breakfast sandwiches recently. 

Are we sensing a subtle defensive strategy by ol’ Ronald?

Add Zing To Your Mornings With Wendys

Wendy’s turned 50 this past year? and this launch announcement has caused a lot of excitement for its fans, leading to significant discomfort to its competitors. 

But these guys are on a roll – in the past 12 months, Wendy’s stock valued at $5.1 billion went up 27%. The company is in a growth phase across the country as it prepares to give Americans something worth waking up early for! Founded by Dave Thomas in 1969, Wendy’s is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio. Keeping quality as its focal point, Wendy’s has always been known for its square-shaped hamburgers and fresh beef. 

Today, Wendy’s owns approximately 6,700 restaurants worldwide, providing employment opportunities to thousands of workers, while aiming to become the most beloved restaurant in America.

Currently, Wendy’s serves a limited breakfast menu at 300 restaurants, but come March 2, 2020, we’ll see the new breakfast being served in 6000 locations across the United States.

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