Building Your Own Digital Ordering the Smart Way

Lunchbox Editorial

The new wave of delivery for restaurants has grown significantly on the backs of third-party delivery services. At the end of the day, these services are really only looking out for their bottom line—not yours. And they’re expensive. The royalty fees they charge mean that you’re losing between 15% and 30% on every order that you send out the doors of your restaurant. Customer info and data? They keep it—meaning you can’t market directly to your customers via email or SMS. It also means you can’t implement your own rewards program to turn first time orderers into regulars. It’s a one-size-fits-all solution that ends up only fitting the delivery service themselves. 

If you want your restaurant to truly benefit from the online ordering boom, developing your own system for app and web ordering and going first party is the way forward. In the past, this has been a laborious and expensive task. Lunchbox has created the fully integrated stack that will help your business make the most from digital ordering. 

The old way to build your own delivery platform was a fractured experience. Imagine separate services for app-based ordering, customer retention, loyalty programs, and design, all with their own monthly bills. Not to mention the significant time investment, with most buildouts taking upwards of a year. That’s a lot of money you’re spending and not making. Only the biggest restaurant groups and chains could even afford to do it. Dominos, Chipotle, and Sweetgreen were able to do this by essential building tech companies inside of their business. Now, the dream of building your own ordering system is attainable for even a single-unit operator, and it’s powered by Lunchbox. 

Powered by Lunchbox

Lunchbox was able to take all of and create a suite of products for just one flat monthly fee. It’s the next-generation of digital ordering for mobile apps, the web, and catering. Lunchbox knows there’s way more to success in digital ordering than just having your restaurant listed—and we understand the power of guest engagement. Here’s just some of what’s included:

Growth Marketing Toolkit

With five hours of direct support each month, Lunchbox’s in-house team can build marketing that grows your business. You can look forward to 

  • Push notifications direct to diners
  • Automated email marketing campaigns that capture lost customers
  • Automated emails for holidays and special events like National French Fry Day or National Taco Day
  • Beautiful a-frames and cards that will help convert your third-party orders into first-party the next go-around.
Branded Experience

Our team will help to build a branded experience for your restaurant.

  • Custom user experience and strengthens your brand—instead of putting on an app with everyone else. 
  • A tailored loyalty system, which can be flexible to your business needs.
An In-House Agency Solution

Lunchbox hired the top restaurant creative industry so you don;t have to. Our team will help you 

  • Create targeted Ads Funnel for First-Party Ordering
  • Implement App Download Funnels
  • Leverage 3rd-party data for look-a-like audiences
You Could Go With Another Service…

There are other platforms that can help you create direct delivery for your restaurant. Unlike Lunchbox, they only solve 60 to 70% of your needs. This means you end up having to supplement with multiple other services for loyalty, design, or marketing. Isn’t that what put building your own delivery solution out of reach in the past?


Learn how Lunchbox can help you with build and grow your ghost kitchens and virtual brands!

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