5 Must-Haves to Get Your Restaurant Holiday Ready

Lunchbox Editorial

Even with the familiar chillier weather, Christmas light displays, and last-minute gift buying, the 2020 holiday season will be unlike any other – especially for those in the restaurant industry.  With limited staffing and COVID regulations, it is easy to wonder — where the hell do I go from here?  From utilizing social media presence to tech tips that’ll make everyone’s holidays run smoother: we got you covered.

With every restaurant being forced into online ordering channels, the possibility of disappearing into the crowd of the internet is real..  By remaining active and engaging with the immense potential of this thing called the internet,  the flow of customers will grow tremendously.  The beauty of social media marketing is obvious, it’s free — so take advantage.e.  Bring personality to your brand and accessibility through multi-channel marketing.  As the majority of sales this holiday season have come from online orders, it is imperative to maximize the number of people aware of any specials happening at your restaurant. 

In a big city with a lot of business, comes a lot more competition.  When it comes to setting your restaurant apart from that competition, you have a lot of options to consider. But incentivizing the online ordering experience will not only acknowledge and undertake this – it will bring in more customers to your online platform this holiday season.  Simple ways to encourage online traffic could be something as small as providing a 10% off coupon code for all holiday orders, with this completely to your businesses own discretion.  Similar to what major 3rd parties implement to pull traffic — incentivizing first-time customers and marketing this feature across multiple media channels will get the exposure you are looking for.

Creating a curated ordering experience around your brand holds one of the biggest responsibilities in online ordering.  Using services like Lunchbox, help create a unique and user friendly ordering system, which in turn creates an easy-to-follow and memorable ordering experience for every customer.  Boom!  See our article on building the perfect restaurant website here.

Few things frustrate a customer more than trying to order a meal from a favorite restaurant only to find out they close an hour earlier than normal during the holidays.  Ensuring your holiday hours are updated over all digital spaces can be an otherwise tedious and time consuming task — but of course, Lunchbox makes this easier.  Our clients at Lunchbox can quickly adjust their operating hours using our holiday hours feature within the admin panel, easily updating the current hours across all platforms and services. 

Doing some anti-digital marketing might sound old school, but your neighbors are important customers too.  Through easy print marketing, like holiday postcards for your takeout bags, window decals, cool chalkboard signs, etc.  Your branding is important and shouldn’t get lost behind regulations and digital age expansion — so use print marketing to optimize your brand identity.

Operating a restaurant can be incredibly stressful, especially during a pandemic holiday season.  Everyone here at Lunchbox wishes all restaurateurs, line cooks, dishwashers, servers, and customers a very happy and healthy holiday season.  


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