A Toast to Our Year In Review

Lunchbox Editorial

Here’s to a new year – and a hopefully better one?  With the kindest words possible: 2020 was … unexpected, revolutionary and indescribable.  After everything we’ve been through the last 12 months (and no, January and February aren’t exempt), you should be celebrating your victories even louder.  We’ll start, with cocktail in hand, because we deserve this after whatever it is we just went through. 

Our young company, Lunchbox, did a lot in 2020 – a lot that we are very proud of.  Here is a breakdown of our 2020 Year in Review:

Product Vision & Wins 

Production was a big part of 2020 for Lunchbox — some big wins we had were launching Main Street in March and Clean Juice in July.  With tech playing a big role in 2020, we brought our A game through launching new products that were not just new for Lunchbox, but for the industry as a whole.  

Through partnering with C3, we launched a Mini-Marketplace that’s the largest cloud concept in the country — allowing guests to order from multiple concepts and checkout using one cart.  Implementing pocket kiosks pushed a 17% higher check average than regular dine-in orders.  Alongside tech advancements, we rolled out POS agnostic solutions to flush out any dependency between restaurants and their previous point-of-sale, giving more creative control back to our clients. 

Lunchbox Fun Facts to Toast to:

  • Started 2020 with 4 clients; now partnering with 35+ amazing restaurants
  • Rolled out 80+ products this year
  • Pushed out 28 (now 29) great blogs & 20 hype videos 
  • Over 1,000,000 accounts on Lunchbox


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