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Wings Over was first founded in 1999 with the mission to serve the best chickens wings available! Fast forward to…

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Wings Over was first founded in 1999 with the mission to serve the best chickens wings available! Fast forward to now, and 40 locations span across 13 states. In 2017, four friends, led by Dan Leyva, acquired the brand and brought Wings Over into the modern world. At the center of Wings Over, there are three core values: Greta People, Amazing Food, and Smileable Experiences. 

— Problem —

Wings Over came to Lunchbox with a vision to tie their web and app ordering together. Previously they were utilizing FoodTec Solutions for their web ordering and LevelUp for their app experience but were unsatisfied with the inconsistent user experience and product quality. As a growing brand among the QSR space, bringing an easy to use cross-platform experience for their guests was vital to building strong, lasting relationships. Enter Lunchbox.

— Solution —

Elevating the brand

Wings Over was synonymous with great people, amazing food, and creating truly smileable moments…in store. Lunchbox sought out to help Wings Over design and implement web and app ordering that brought that same level of “saleable experience”. The vision was to create a design system that was consistent across all ordering platforms. To do so the Wings Over and Lunchbox teams sat down to dissect the positive and negatives of their current systems, identifying paint points in the ordering process that needed to be addressed with the new system.

— Results —

The impact of the new system was immediate. The new enhanced Wings Over app UI/UX gave a 25% boost in sales when compared to the previous month’s average on the LevelUp app. Guests have an easier time navigating the ordering process, creating faster checkout times and more of the “smileable moments” that are core to the Wings Over brand.

By enhancing their digital ordering system, Wings Over has seen an elevation in their brand value and has created consistent messaging. While launching initially with Springfield, Massachusettes, Wings Over will be rolling out the new system to their entire system over the coming weeks.

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