Loyalty  Loyalty

Loyalty programs are a proven way to keep guests engaged and increase order frequency. Lunchbox offers online ordering solutions with loyalty built-in to drive 1st-party orders and keep ‘em coming back for more.

Don’t leave $$$ on the table

A 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25% increase in revenue.

The Details

Reward Early and Often

A sign-up reward encourages guests to create an account and order direct every time.

Just The Way You Like It

A gamefied loyalty program is a proven tool to increase guest visits and lifetime value. Lunchbox custom-builds a system with points, tiers and a variety of rewards to match what your guests really want.

Lots Of Personal Touches

Keep guests engaged with personalized touchpoints like a birthday gift or a reminder when they’ve almost hit a new tier. With all guest data compiled through Lunchbox, it’s all set-it-and-forget-it.

Loyalty makes the best guests

Lunchbox online ordering puts your brand front-and-center with a loyalty program to match. Get creative with the names of your tiers or visual points counter for a cohesive guest experience, in-store and online.

Case Study

Wing Shack

20% of their orders come in through Lunchbox.



  • Web + App Ordering

    Whether you need a website, app, or both, we’ll cook up the ultimate beautiful on-brand ordering platform that your restaurant deserves.

  • Catering to Match

    Bring in the big bucks on the big orders with a custom branded Catering page. Easy to use, easy on the eyes and no extra dashboards to manage.

  • Keep Your Data

    With Lunchbox, you maintain full access to all guest and order information for more targeted marketing campaigns and a greater connection with the diners who already love you.

  • Lunchbox Studio

    Lunchbox’s dream team of marketing pros are ready to help with automated email campaigns, targeted online ads, in-store signage and beyond, starting with a foolproof launch strategy for your new online ordering and loyalty suite.

Client Index

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Sophie's Cuban has been serving up cuban cuisine for over 24 years.

Fuku is a casual chicken concept by Chef David Chang's Momofuku Group, serving a variety of chicken and seasonal offerings.

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Foxtail Coffee aims to shift the way we think of coffee by responsibly sourcing some of the finest coffees from around the world and upholding strong ethical and quality standards.