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November 11, 2020

Top Trends in Web Design to Watch

You wouldn’t want your patio to be full of leaves or the front of your restaurant looking like the "Before"…

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How to Manage Negative Reviews

In todays digital world a negative review is the singular worst thing someone can do to your business and you…

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7 Things Your Restaurant Needs to Reopen Successfully Post-COVID

While COVID-19 may have shuttered restaurants for an ever too long period of 2020, it didnt shutter technological restaurant innovation.…

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How to increase your digital check average

With digital ordering becoming the new norm, your digital check average just got way more important. There's no server or…

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Why Restaurants Need to Pay Attention to TikTok

TikTok is the new social media sensation, and it has hit headlines in the restaurant world because some restaurants have…

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How to Navigate Customer Feedback

The online world is used as a preview of the restaurants where customers might go to eat. You need to…

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Building Customer Loyalty: The Right Way

Customer satisfaction is incredibly important for any restaurant as it?s a core consideration in determining success. However, most food chains…

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