App Ordering: Don’t leave money on the table

Get a customized and crave-worthy app that lets you stand out from the rest

Customized for your restaurant

A fully branded experience

Best-in-class app ordering that gives guests an in-store experience, and more.

Branded features


Apps are personal, and so are our customizations. Build an app that speaks to your brand voice, colors, and imagery with every tap, swipe, and scroll.

Drool-worthy marketing

Feature drool-worthy food photos or major announcements in the Image carousel, visible when first opening up the app. From there, steer guests to engage with your brand in other ways by featuring merch stores, job boards, articles and more.

Fully Branded & Unique to You

We don't do cookie cutter apps. We'll make sure you stand out.

Built to scale

Optimized for speed

We're building to scale. From ease of access, to a seamless checkout.

Optimized features

Ease of entry

We remove every barrier to entry with social sign on via Facebook, Apple, and Google; and–if you want to offer it–guest checkout. Creating an account and placing an order is quite literally one click away.

Built to upsell

We build menus that are consumable within a few swipes, ensuring that specials, most popular items, and upsells are visible in-app.

Seamless checkout

Checkout is seamless with integrated mobile payments via Apple & Google Pay.

build community

Built to engage

Build community across the board. Turn guests into brand loyalists with in-app rewards, custom merch, and loyalty that is unmatched.

Engaging features

In-app rewards

The in-app rewards tab is front and center for guests, allowing you to connect with them through our gamified wallet rewards and points system and giving them all the more reason to order again.


Share links to a merch store, blog, reservations page and beyond using an in-app browser to never distract guests from their current order.

Build repeat guests

Keep them coming back again… Re-ordering a favorite meal couldn’t be easier, with past orders saved on the app.

Lunchbox Catering clients see $500+ check averages on B2B catering orders.