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A digital presence is your storefront – one of the most important things when creating your ghost kitchen. We'll help you bring it to life.

The Details

Web + App Ordering

Our staff of ghost kitchen consultants can sit down with you and coach you on everything from location strategy and menu design to launch marketing and strategic partnerships.

Branding + Design

Your brand is one of the only things your customer interacts with since there's no in-person dining. Our team of restaurateurs-turned-creatives will work with you to build what you need, from logos and websites to copywriting and menu design.

Loyalty Program

A restaurant’s most loyal customers are also its most valuable. We help you create branded loyalty experiences so your average guests become raging fans.

Lunchbox Food Hall

Increase average order value by letting guests order from multiple restaurants at once. Our product reinvents the online ordering experience by providing different food options in a single branded app and website experience.


8 Steps to Start a Virtual Restaurant

Discover real examples, read expert opinions, and determine what it takes for you to take part in this food tech revolution.




  • Web + App Ordering

    Whether you need a website, app, or both, we’ll cook up the ultimate beautiful on-brand ordering platform that your restaurant deserves.

  • Brand Builders

    Our in-house designers can build a solid, branded guest experience for your ghost kitchen so you can ditch your reliance on third-party marketplaces.

  • Many Brands, One Cart

    Sushi + burgers in the same cart?! Offer a multi-order experience, where customers can order from more than one brand, but checkout just once.

  • Studio Support

    Introducing Lunchbox Studio: Get full access to our in-house design and marketing agency to help grow your digital and brand presence.

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