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A commission-free storefront that brings your ghost kitchen's digital presence to life. Go live today with all your brands in one platform.

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No commitment. No worries. Lunchbox will bring your digital experience to life, offering the best-in-class online ordering experience for guests with zero cost to you.

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We know you're busy. Go live and start making money today with your branded online ordering experience.

Branded Experience

Own your brand from end-to-end with the capabilities and customization through adding photography and branding, all wrapped up in an easy-to-use platform.

Multi-brand Cart Checkout

A seamless experience for your guest with multi-brand cart checkout to drive home the appeal of what ghost kitchens have to offer. Options, options, and options.

Order Aggregation

Manage all digital orders and menus right from your POS so you can run your business efficiently, with oversight on all platforms.

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  • Web and Mobile Ordering

    Own your digital sales with a website that speaks to your guests with a branded and easy-to-use guest experience.

  • Seamless Management

    Manage your guests online-ordering experience all from one platform, with access to make edits across items, availability, operating hours and more. Gain insights on how your kitchen is doing through extensive reporting via dashboard.

  • Branding Made Simple

    We know you're busy - let us do the heavy lifting here. Plug in your branded assets and go live today with a platform that speaks to every brand and guest.

  • Multi-brands, One Cart

    Sushi + burgers in the same cart?! Offer a multi-order experience, where customers can order from more than one brand, but checkout just once.

  • Reporting and Data

    Get insights on the performance of your brands from a dashboard view. Protect your margins from all angles.