Time is money. Lunchbox Order Aggregation saves you both.

Manage all digital orders and menus right from your POS so you can run your business efficiently. Lunchbox Order Aggregation helps growth-oriented restaurants boost sales and protect their profits through automation.

No more tablet hell

Say goodbye to excessive tablets— Lunchbox Order Aggregation consolidates multiple ordering integrations onto one POS system.

+$24 Grand In Annual Savings Per Location


How we integrate with your POS

As orders are placed on various 3rd-party marketplaces, the info is sent through Lunchbox back to your restaurant’s POS system – ready to be prepared.


Edit All Menus At Once

Get out of tablet hell. Update marketplace menus and prices in real time, including 86’d items, once through the POS.

Automated Business Hours

Business and seasonal hours are automatically uploaded to 3rd-party marketplaces so you have more time to focus on what matters - creating a great guest experience.

Smart Menu Structures

Map your menu configuration inside your POS to any 3rd party marketplace without having to worry about what menu, item, or modifier types are supported between the platforms.

Send Every Order To Your POS

All marketplace orders are automatically downloaded into your POS system without you lifting a finger.

Configure unique prices across multiple menus

Lunchbox gives you the flexibility to make granular changes to a menu item without affecting that item on other platforms. Get right down to the dollar amount, percentage mark-up per category, item, per marketplace, or per store. You have full control over the prices you charge at each channel.

Global Throttling

Control how many orders can be placed based on order volume, time of day, or dollars spent on a store-by-store basis.

Real-time menu updates

Choose the digital ordering system built to scale

The modern restaurant tech stack enables operators to manage all digital orders and guest experiences from a single operating system across the entire customer lifecycle.

Want to know what we do for our clients?

Clean Juice Case Study

Unlocking new potential in their business through customer data to achieve 41% YoY growth.


How does order aggregation work?

Third-party delivery orders are downloaded automatically and seamlessly into your POS system. This means delivery orders no longer need to be manually keyed in or monitored. Menus and pricing are kept up-to-date in real time across all locations and menus each time the POS system is updated.

How does delivery management work?

Lunchbox has built-in delivery support included with Postmates, DoorDash, and UberEats. Lunchbox automatically selects the best delivery provider based on an algorithm that provides the customer the lowest delivery fee at the promised delivery time. We ensure that the delivery provider is fully integrated with our online ordering system software as well as your POS. By selecting the most cost-efficient delivery provider, Lunchbox enables you to minimize front of house labor costs, while maximizing the frequency of orders

What does Lunchbox Order Aggregation cover within the Doordash suite of products?

Lunchbox Order Aggregation covers Caviar, DoorDash and DoorDash for Work

Do checks automatically close when sent to the POS from Third parties?

Whether an order from 1st party or 3rd party is closed or stays open in the POS depends on whether the order is paid for, and a setting in the POS. Normally (though not always) checks are set to automatically close when they’re paid. Since checks from 3rd parties are already paid for, they’re sent to POS as ‘paid', and therefore they close automatically.

When aggregating ezCater orders, can we hold the orders from being injected into the POS until the day of the Catering order?

Yes, orders can be held

Can I see a report for deposits from third party accounts into my bank account?

All third party accounting should be done directly with the third party platform you are using. We do not provide data points that track commission rates between your business and the third parties you use.

Can I uplift/surcharge the price of an item without updating the price of a modifier?

Yes, individual items can be updated without having to update the modifier

How does the driver know food is ready?

The 3rd party's platform notifies the driver on when to pickup the order. This is driven by algorithms that forecast when an order will be ready based on historical fulfillment data, driver availability, etc among many other data points.