Your restaurants deserve better

Third-party sucks. Tablet hell, no control, no reliability. We’re fighting back. Reclaim your restaurant’s data and streamline your digital ordering with Lunchbox

Be more like these guys

 Eliminate the B.S.

Our goal is to create solutions, not more clutter.

Everything you need for better digital ordering, all in one system.

Your decision is easy

Web Ordering

App Ordering


POS Integration

Customer Loyalty

Customized Marketing

Actionable Data

Delivery Dispatch

Lunchbox Ordering Suite
Give a middle finger to third-party ordering and build an in-house system that
amplifies your restaurants without sacrificing your first born

Create powerful omnichannel ordering

We grow with you. Add products as you need them; we won't pressure you to launch tools that aren't helpful

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Digital ordering: simplified. Now go focus on your food

The head chef of digital ordering

Don't settle for generic. Lunchbox will spice up your web ordering experience; leave a good impression even before the food arrives

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We're calling bs on Grubhub's "White Label" ordering. Take control and build systems you're proud of

Your restaurant in the hands of your fans

Waiting sucks. Flawless UX means your guests can quickly order, no matter what they're doing or where they're doing it. (note: don't do it while riding a scooter. we tried it, and it didn't go well

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App users order almost 3x more often than web users. Don't miss out

Catering doesn't have to be a headache to be a headache

The Lunchbox catering system is built with both customer and restaurant in mind. Efficiency is key

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Catering makes up $61.5 billion of the restaurant industry. Pretty sure you want a piece of that

Integrated with only the best

Let us worry about the middlemen.
We’ve made very strategic partnerships to make sure you have the
perfect digital ordering system. Don’t worry about the rest


Point of Sale


Point of Sale


Point of Sale


Payment Processing


Payment Processing


Delivery Dispatch


Delivery Dispatch


Customer Reviews


SMS Texting




Marketing Data


Marketing Data


Restaurant Management

Features you want

We know what works, and what makes you want to throw a tablet across the dining room.
For Lunchbox, we went with the former
Automated drip campaigns

Trigger campaigns that appear in a guest's inbox at the perfect time. No more one-time customers; we're making it personal

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Automate your guest retention. Stop making everything more difficult than it has to be
Flexible and integrated

We've partnered with Doordash and Relay to create delivery solutions. If you use your own drivers, we've solved that headache, too

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All delivery dispatch solutions are customized to your needs
We move at restaurant speed

The restaurant industry waits for nobody.
For the days that inventory depletes faster than anticipated, we've made it easy to turn menu items on or off through our Manager Dashboard

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Manage your digital menu in a matter of clicks
How you doin'? No really,
how is your restaurant doing?

This is not the time for blissful ignorance.
Dive deep into the sales health of your restaurants individually, or do side-by-side comparisons

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Analyzing sales data is...
kind of fun?
AI that's not just a gimmick

Our platforms learn how customers order on a personal level, and make suggestions based on their ordering habits
(Bonus: this virtual assistant upsells better than your favorite server)

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Our system is built to help customers complete their orders faster

Third-party delivery is cancelled.
Come back to the bright side

We’re all from in-restaurant backgrounds. We know what we wanted, needed, and never got.
Lunchbox is a culmination of all of this. You’re welcome


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