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At the Wing Shack, they take deep pride in the preparation of the chicken wing. They have respect for the wing on another level: they obsessively source fresh, natural chicken, never treated with antibiotics and each order is cooked fresh to just the right amount of crispiness. All of their sauces are original recipes and are homemade every day in their sauce kitchen. Building community through food has always been the central foundation of the Wing Shack brand.

Wing Shack Averages 100 Weekly App DownloadsWing Shack Averages 100 Weekly App Downloads


The Wing Shack was born in 2004 in a small little ‘shack’ in Garden City, Colorado. The local community took to Wing Shack’s delicious chicken, and by 2022, they’re sitting at 8 locations in Colorado and 1 in Wyoming. Their wings may have put them on the map, but Wing Shack also serves a mix of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and starters, all cooked fresh to order. Whether a customer is popping in for a quick lunch or needing hundreds of wings for a party, no order is too big, no sauce is too spicy, and every wing is respected at the Wing Shack.


Wing Shack always knew it couldn’t fully rely on a third-party platform, which would drive traffic outside of their domain. Doug Baker, Wing Shack’s Director of Marketing, has a digital and data-driven approach to marketing. He knew from the get-go that being on a third-party app was building someone else's marketing list for them, and the third party would be holding on to all their data. And he wasn’t about to just give it all away. Doug started looking at third-party alternatives – he had heard about Lunchbox on a podcast and decided to look into it. It was around the start of the pandemic when they were evaluating Lunchbox – Doug brought it to the table.

The moment Doug became a Lunchbox champion? “I remember landing on your website and I was just blown away by the aesthetics and the marketing. I felt like it had a similar vibe to Wing Shack in a playful nature, but it offered something of real value. And so I just had a demo right away, even before I chatted our leadership team.”


Wing Shack was very excited to launch a loyalty program through Lunchbox. They knew their message was a one-size-fits-all in an already crowded market. “We knew that approach to guest communication just wasn’t working,” Doug says. “We're past those days.”

So when Wing Shack flipped the switch to Lunchbox, they were able to start learning more about their guests and gaining valuable insights into their guest preferences. They started being able to pinpoint people who were only ordering on Mondays (which is their best deal of the week), the guests who preferred take-out versus dine-in, and the ones who liked to feed big groups of people regularly.

“We've had no reward and loyalty programs in the past. We've seen people come in repeatedly, and it feels great as a business to count on them to come in. We started taking note of these people and giving them a reason to stay with us – like more exclusive offers, early or limited-time deals, branded gear – all the fun stuff. So building out a loyalty program was great for us – we got to show our customers how much we love them.”


A customer since May 2021, Wing Shack now averages over 100 new app downloads a week and about 20% of their orders come in through Lunchbox. After being live for 9 months, their Lunchbox revenue has nearly doubled since they first launched. They knew a first-party all-in-one ordering platform was the solution for them. They own their entire customer experience and feel their brand is represented accurately in their service – better food, better service all around for their customers.

“We are looking to do big things and doing more with less – those are some founding principles of Wing Shack. We like Lunchbox’s gritty, start-up nature.”


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Our favorite thing about Lunchbox is your flexibility when we were launching. We're a lean, scrappy team. The level of support you provided for our team was huge – your customer success and support teams were always on the line for us to make sure that it was a smooth transition over from ChowNow.