The Complete Restaurant Operating System.

With Lunchbox and Toast, you can build a beautiful ordering system like Chipotle or Sweetgreen at a fraction of the cost.

Update menus in real time, connect your in-store and online programs, apply unique prices and store hours, and do everything else you need to grow your revenue.

Lunchbox makes your Toast POS even better

Modernize and refresh your restaurant stack with the best ordering platform built to consolidate all of your digital channels.

Lunchbox automatically pulls all the information about locations and menus so getting started is quick and easy.

Only a month after integrating Lunchbox with Toast, Little Sesame saw 70% of off-site orders move to first party.

The Details

Better Design = More Orders

Online ordering should reflect your brand, not your POS. Lunchbox web and mobile ordering feature your colors, your food and your voice — so your online presence has as much personality as your storefront. With options like scan-to-pay or scan-for-loyalty in store, e-gift cards, your guests will have a cohesive experience no matter how they order.

Real time 86'ing and menu updates

Onboarding is easy. Lunchbox automatically pulls in all menu and location details so you don't have to lift a finger. We also automatically sync your menus as well as refunds throughout the day in real-time. You'll also be able to assign unique menu prices to individual locations and automatically update store hours.

Connect Online and In-store Loyalty

With Lunchbox, your guests can accrue loyalty points for their order without scanning a QR code. This creates an effortless loyalty experience that keeps them coming back online or in-store.

Customize Your Loyalty Program

Customize a loyalty program to ensure guests order direct every time they have a hankering. Hook them with a sign-up bonus and celebrate milestones with cash or food rewards. We also have your in-store loyalty program covered and let your guests scan a QR code to pay.

Engage and Retain Your Customers

Launch automated email campaigns, push notifications, targeted online ads, in-store signage and beyond. Lunchbox makes your customer data work for you and simplifies your customer retention and engagement strategies.

Robust pricing strategy

Lunchbox supports menu and sized based pricing strategies as well as revenue centers