Introducing Lunchbox Order Aggregation

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Jocelyn Chan

MAY 04, 2022


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What is Order Aggregation?

Order Aggregation is an all-in-one integrated system for managing third-party online ordering. It consolidates all of your in-house and third-party marketplace orders and pulls all order information into your restaurant's point of sale (POS) system. It brings all third-party digital orders into a single location – no matter which third-party marketplace they come from. As a restaurant brand, you’re able to price all your third-party marketplace platforms in one centralized place to receive menu, price, and location information through Lunchbox. 

In the third-party management space, there are far too many workarounds and not enough actual solutions. Third-party menu management is annoying and adds extra steps. Order Aggregation helps declutter your tech stack and offers system flexibility through price inflation, nested modifiers, multiple third-parties, taxes, and more. 

How it works.

  1. Orders are placed by guests on various third-party marketplaces like DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates, EzCater, and GrubHub. 

  2. Lunchbox Order Aggregation streamlines in-store operations, showing your most up-to-date menu, removing the need to manage each third-party marketplace separately.

  3. Brands have the ability to customize menu pricing by 3PD on the Lunchbox platform.

  4. As orders are placed on the various marketplaces, the information is sent through Lunchbox back to your restaurant’s POS system – ready to be prepared. 

Benefits of using Order Aggregation.

Make your POS the hub.

Get out of tablet hell. You can manage all third-party menus and prices directly from your POS while connecting all first and third-party orders (from either cloud or legacy POS systems). Marketplace orders are downloaded automatically and seamlessly into your POS system. And since we integrate all POS changes directly to third-party platforms, it helps you reduce tablet time so you don’t have to manage 'another dashboard'. 

Drive more online orders from marketplaces. 

Delivery couriers are able to conduct more deliveries per hour without any lag time, and the restaurant brands remain in control through a single integration to multiple marketplaces.

Real-time menu editing.

Marketplace menus and pricing are updated in real-time anytime your POS is updated – this includes 86’ed items. Our ‘smart menus’ integration also automatically handles menu structure inconsistencies between your POS and marketplaces. Your customers receive an accurate menu, price, and location information from your POS – all the time.

Price inflation by third-party.

The dollar amount or percentage of all your menu items are configurable – change your prices per category, item, marketplace, or per store. 

Global order throttling.  

Control how many orders can be placed on a store-by-store basis – it can be based on order volume taking into orders from all third-party platforms into account. 

Better guest experience. 

Free up your staff’s time so they can focus on the best experience for your guests instead of dealing with the logistics of orders.  

Order Aggregation helps your restaurant operate as efficiently as possible. The online ordering ecosystem is saturated with siloed, legacy ordering and POS products that each serve a single purpose. None of these products are really built for the modern demands of digital ordering.

To learn more about how Order Aggregation can help you manage all digital orders and guest experiences from a single operating system – get in touch below. 




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