Lunchbox + NovaDine

Lunchbox is teaming up with NovaDine, enabling restaurant operators to manage all digital ordering platforms from a single operating system. Say goodbye to tablet hell.


Order Aggregation

Lunchbox Order Aggregation helps growth-oriented restaurants boost sales and protect their profits through automation. Manage all digital orders and menus right from your POS to save time and money.

POS Integration

With NovaDine, our POS integrations have expanded so we can partner with every restaurant under the sun using legacy or cloud-based systems.

House Account

Cater to your regular guests with a House Account, through any loyalty provider.

Owning Delivery Fleet

Do your own deliveries and say goodbye to even more fees. Designate drivers from your own fleet and from delivery partners based on delivery zone or ad hoc.

Distance Based Pricing

NovaDine offers the flexibility to bake additional cost into check total or as a line item based on distance.

Catering Management

Cater to your customers with a catering-specific CMS to keep track of past orders, house accounts and more.

HOW lunchbox + novadine work together

Access an abundance of features for off-premise success.