Bareburger is a thought-leader in the better burger movement since it was founded. Since opening its first location in 2009,…

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Bareburger is a thought-leader in the better burger movement since it was founded. Since opening its first location in 2009, they’ve grown to an international presence with locations throughout the New York tri-state area and into countries like Japan, Germany, and United Arab Emirates. Bareburger’s customers have come to know the brand for the quality they serve in the food and service, and we’re looking to bring that same quality to its digital ordering.

– – Problem – –

Bareburger wanted to build an omnichannel digital ordering system for its restaurants to enrich the customer experience and combat the fees that third-party sites were taking. With their current providers, Bareburger was unable to bring their vision alive and needed to search for a new solution. It became clear quickly just how fragmented the digital ordering landscape is and the difficulty it is to build a truly omnichannel system. 

So, how do did Bareburger go about creating their current system without breaking the bank?

– – Solution – –

One Partner, Multiple Solutions.

Lunchbox worked alongside Bareburger to create new web, app, and catering products creating true omnichannel ordering. Customers could now utilize one account across all products eliminating any friction caused in their past ordering experience where customers have separate logins based on if they were using web or app to place an order.

Bareburger’s goal of creating an omnichannel digital ordering system was to drive digital sales away from third-party sites and convert customers to their own platform. Since deploying the Lunchbox ordering suite Bareburger was able to bring 16% of digital sales to their ordering products and away from third-party sites. Bringing the total percentage of digital sales happening on Bareburger’s own systems to 32% at the end of 2019 as compared to 16% in 2018.

– – Results – –

By switching to the Lunchbox ordering suite, Bareburger was successfully able to build a powerful digital ordering that brought customers to their ordering platform and away from third-party. Utilizing customer data gained through the Lunchbox platform combined with the advanced marketing tools we offer, Bareburger is looked to continue to aggressively grow their digital ordering landscape and offerings.

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