Mobile App  Mobile App

Keep easy ordering right in your guests’ pocket with a custom branded app powered by Lunchbox. Guests can order food, earn and spend loyalty points, receive offers, and manage their accounts – all with the tap of a finger.

Don't leave orders on the table

A recent study shows that customers prefer to order direct from a restaurant app instead of third-party.

The Details

Save past orders

Re-ordering a favorite meal couldn’t be easier, with past orders saved on the app

Highlight specials

A rotating image carousel is a perfect place to put gorgeous food photos and major announcements front and center, with the ability to swap them out in seconds. Plus, use push notifications to alert customers ASAP.

In-app Loyalty

The Rewards tab in the app makes it easy to check your points status, see and use rewards in your wallet and even scan to earn points on in-store orders.

Link out to pages

Share links to a merch store, blog, reservations page and beyond using an in-app browser to never distract from today’s order.

Case Study

Clean Juice

Unlocking new potential in their business through customer data to achieve 41% YoY growth.

App Ordering


Easy Ordering

A custom app makes finding your closest location and placing an order easier than ever. The UX design is made for a smart phone screen to best display menu options and showcase food photography and customizations.

  • Social Sign-On & Mobile Pay

    We remove every barrier to entry with Sign-On and Mobile Pay through Google and Apple. Creating an account and placing an order is quite literally one click away.

  • In-Store Loyalty Scan

    Guests can earn points for in-store orders by scanning at the register or entering details from the receipt, connecting ordering channels and encouraging in-store guests to become app-users as well.

  • Rewards and Order History

    The app makes it easy to see your loyalty points balance with a customizable tracker image as well as any rewards currently stored in your wallet for redemption. Viewing order history is simple and a “order again” button makes getting a favorite combo a breeze.

  • Content Hub and Image Carousel

    Feature drool-worthy food photos or major announcements in the Image Carousel, visible when first opening up the app and steer guests to engage with your brand in other ways by featuring merch stores, job boards, articles and more.