Lunchbox Studio  Lunchbox Studio

We are your in-house team of experts on all things restaurants and while you’re busy cookin’ up something delicious, we focus on what your business needs to thrive.

What Are We?

Experts in First-Party Marketing.



Your Design & Marketing Powerhouse

We use the power of our engagement tools to help you understand the metrics of campaigns and help you continue to strive for optimal performance.

  • On-Premise

    Restaurants should only worry about one thing: food. With Lunchbox Studio, the attention is in the details, from window clings to point-of-sale stickers. Plus, our ability to flip 3rd party customers over to where the margins are really at is proven to work time and time again. It’s tracked, tested, and perfected.

  • Digital

    We equip your digital storefront with the right materials to bring the masses to your app. With our in-house creative team, we help drive awareness, attract new customers and retain current customers by keeping your social media, website, and everything in-between looking sharp.

  • Email Engagement

    Effortlessly increase engagement with your customers through personalized, targeted, and automated messaging! We’ll build unique emails that are proven to work and bring the customers to you, all without lifting a finger.

  • Paid Ad Strategy

    Let’s put your paid ads to work. We’ll target KPIs like 3rd party conversion, brand loyalty, brand awareness, and more! With our in-house specialists, we’ll make your ads both eye-grabbing and effective.

  • Branding

    Ready for a makeover? Maybe even just a freshen up? Our in-house designers and artists know how to strategically build a strong foundation around the identity of your brand. We take your vision and create a visual language that speaks to your target audience by assessing the brand history, your current needs, and future goals.


Studio Showcase: Our Client Work

In-App Marketing

Highlight menu items, limited time offers, seasonal specials and unique brand values to engage your customer base. Client: Black Tap

Landing Page

Drive awareness of your new ordering solutions and reference your rewards program so your customers learn more about the benefits of ordering 1st party. Client: Uncooked

Instagram Stories

Boost your on-brand social content with eye-grabbing designs that highlight launches, loyalty programs and new menu items. Encourage customer frequency and engagement. Client: Hangover Easy

Push Notification

Speak directly to your most loyal customers. By setting up push notifications, you can alert your VIPs to special offers or want to prompt engagement. Client: Night Owl

Website Pop-Up

Utilized to get your most important message out: announcements, app or rewards migrations, highlighting incentive-based calls to action — keep it front and center. Client: Scen Studio

Instagram Grid Post

Bring the masses to you with eye-catching social content that highlights your new app, seasonal specials or new locations. Client: Emmy Squared