Lunchbox Restaurant POS System

Streamline third-party online ordering onto one POS system. Your in-store operations couldn't get simpler.

The all-in-one solution

Mobile app and web ordering

Lunchbox is an all-in-one ordering solution. Manage your orders, change menus, edit locations, manage guests – all in real time. We integrate with all major POS systems and provide your customers with a fully branded ordering experience. Lunchbox is easy to configure and rapidly deploy, maximizing revenues and customer satisfaction. Our platform allows us to integrate new features quickly and seamlessly without hassle or down-time.

The one-stop-shop

A one-stop shop–for restaurant people, by restaurant people

Life is hard enough, we made operating your digital storefront easy. With over 100 available integrations, enterprise-grade features, and actionable insights; our stable and scalable tech stack will help you protect your bottom line.

One-Stop-Shop for restaurant people

Order Throttling

Order Throttling allows restaurant chains to limit the amount of orders it will be able to accept in a specified amount of time to reduce strain during peak times. This feature allows restaurant chains to set a rule on the maximum dollar-amount of orders they can effectively fulfill within an allotted time frame. When an order is placed that surpasses Order Throttling rules, the order will be pushed back to the next available time—decreasing stress on the restaurant chain kitchen and helping set customer expectations in a timely manner.

Real time menu updates

Lunchbox consolidates all orders across all platforms–yes, first and third party marketplace orders–and sends them directly to the POS. From there, you can make real-time menu edits, update lead and order throttle times, specify delivery zones, and 86 items in real time.

Actionable data to make better decisions

Lunchbox provides over 40 data points and attributes on each individual guest order. These data points can then be used to create granular customer segments to re-market and create higher converting, repeat, just plain happier guests. All marketing campaigns are attributable back to guest orders at an individual guest level.

Own your data and stop paying 3rd-party

Lunchbox helps drive first party orders to save commissions and grow LTV through ownership of the order data. Lunchbox allows enterprise technology teams to consolidate their tech stack and leverage a single taxonomy across all platforms to eliminate data silos and manual reconciliation.

Enable more integrations for your customers

Leverage Lunchbox's partner network

Our robust backend supports enterprise workloads with integrations to payments gateways, loyalty, ordering, and POS systems.

Lunchbox OPEN helps you integrate with clear instructions, testing environment, compatible data pipelines, and eager customers