Service Terms



The Customer has requested, and Lunchbox has agreed to provide the Products and Services consisting of  a singular look and feel (colors, fonts, logo) via the Lunchbox Platform. 


Lunchbox will charge the Customer annual recurring fees of the number of locations multiplied by the cost(s)  per location plus additional recurring fees as specified in the Agreement exclusive of applicable sales and  use tax, all payable as indicated above. 

2.1. Web Ordering: 

• Send orders directly to the POS 

• Omni-channel login system 

• Search for pickup locations using address or current location, with distance to guest • Lead time, prep time, delivery time, and large order time estimates, that show at checkout • Support for flattening subgroups, or using subgroups as items for building sized based menus with  ranged pricing 

• Order confirmation screen and confirmation email 

• Live menu editing (change names, pictures, descriptions, dietary tags, 86'ing, and more instantly) • Notes for items and for delivery instructions 

• Most recently searched addresses saved for quick re-ordering 

• Blocking VOIP phone numbers for fraud prevention 

• Option to display Cookie Consent dialogue for CCPA compliance 

• Mobile payment options: Apple Pay, Google Pay 

2.2. App Ordering: 

• Send Orders directly to the POS 

• Ability to order ahead 

• Omni-channel login system 

• Lead time, prep time, delivery time, and large order time estimates, that show at checkout • Push notifications to iOS and Android 

• Notes for items and for delivery instructions 

• Most recently searched addresses saved for quick re-ordering 

• Blocking VOIP phone numbers for fraud prevention 

• QR Code scanning ability with approved scanner or POS terminal 

• Support for flattening subgroups, or using subgroups as items for building sized based menus with  ranged pricing 

• Mobile payment options: Apple Pay, Google Pay 

• Mobile apps for the Android and iOS platforms 

2.3. Pocket Kiosk Ordering: 

• Table number validation against tables in Point of Sale 

• Guest checkout support for Pocket Kiosk (dine in ordering only) 

• Menu type availability (pickup only, delivery only, dine in only, kiosk only) 

• Mobile payment options: Apple Pay, Google Pay 

• Earn/redeem loyalty points for fully creating an account 

• Prevent loyalty accruing/redemption for guest checkout 

• Omni-channel login system

2.4. Catering: 

• Pickup and Delivery catering requests, that can be approved or declined by catering managers • Receive catering requests and dispatch to appropriate location 

• Tax exemption enablement 

• Receive catering orders via email and phone, and generate links with pre-filled cart for customers  to confirm and complete secure payment 

• Search for pickup locations using address or current location, with distance to guest • Lead time, prep time, delivery time, and large order time estimates, that show at checkout • Support for flattening subgroups, or using subgroups as items for building sized based menus with  ranged pricing 

• Ability to set how pickup and delivery catering requests are assigned, either by an admin, the user,  or automatically assigned based on proximity to the user 

• Ability to set how pickup and delivery catering requests are accepted, either auto-accepted or  requiring manager approval 

• Add admin fees to a catering order 

• Set delivery fees based on distance 

• Customizable service charges based on monetary size of the order 

• Creating catering groups: grouping locations with the ability to set multiple delivery service area  zones 

2.5. E-Gift Card: 

• Ability to redeem electronic gift card balance on web/app ordering platforms 

2.6. Loyalty: 

• Credit based loyalty rewards (ie. $10 cash back ever $100 spent) 

• Loyalty tiers, with the ability to set different incentives each tier 

• Verify customer phone numbers to prevent loyalty fraud 

• Discount on items, checks, and BOGO 

• Enforce or ignore order minimums for discounts 

• View promo code redemption analytics 

• View account details and loyalty status from web or app 

• Guests can save promos to their loyalty wallet and redeem at checkout 

• *Features vary by POS provider (*Some features vary by POS provider) 

2.7. Marketing-CRM: 

• Platform Capabilities: 

• Push notifications 

• Email marketing newsletters 

• Email marketing drip email campaigns 

• User segmentation 

• Integrations with lead CDPs 

• Charges for Outreach Volumes in Excess Of Per Month: 

• Emails - 100,000 sends included per month, $100 per 100,000 sends above 100,000  purchased in 100,000 send blocks 

• SMS - 10,000 sends included per month, $150 per 10,000 sends above 10,000 purchased in  10,000 send blocks 

• Data Migration Fee (if applicable): 

• Pricing includes data migration services from a legacy CDP to the Lunchbox platform and  assumes that the Client will the data they wish to migrate to Lunchbox in a format required  for input into the Lunchbox platform.  

• For migrations of greater than 50,000 users, non-standard data format, or any other  reason beyond what's noted above, Lunchbox will charge a standard hourly rate for data  migration services.

2.8. Subscriptions: 

• Platform Supported: iOS, Android 

• Order Type Supported: Pick-Up 

• POS Supported: Toast, Revel, Brink, Deliverect 

2.9. Lunchbox Studio: 

• Design in-store print assets 

• Design email campaigns 

• Design organic and paid advertisements 

• Create meaningful email automations that show campaign ROI 

• Create organic and paid social copy 

• Set-up Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager 

• Advise on social and google best practices 

• Create social and google ad strategy 

• Analyze restaurants digital data and advise or strategize ways to improve sales, customer  experience, engagement, etc., 

• Advise on loyalty best practices 

2.10.Scan to Pay: 

• Scan a QR code inside a Lunchbox-built mobile app with a Point of Sale system to provide payment  for a check 

• Payment via in app card or pre-load balance 

• Redeem and accrue in store loyalty 

• Capture marketing and order data in Lunchbox 

• *Compatible with Toast POS via Menu Management functionality 


• Taking 3rd party marketplace order from Doordash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, Postmates and EZCater  and sending 

• them to your POS system 

• Brand level support that is SEPARATE from Lunchbox support and managed by the NovaDine team • NovaDine customer support will reach out with their hotline for any failed orders and call the  restaurant 

• location that had a failed order 

• Lunchbox Rails also includes the configuration of these services on the NovaDine platform 


The Implementation Fees listed Includes the following Configuration and Implementation using the process  and deliverables as noted below: 

3.1. Process and Deliverables 

• Kickoff & Design 

o Kickoff Meeting with Lunchbox & Customer Main Points of Contact 

o Obtain 3rd Party Access (e.g. POS, Last Mile Delivery, Website DNS, Marketing (Facebook  Pixel & Google Tag Manager), etc) 

o Brand Guidelines & Mobile App Set-up information completed by Customer 

o Design Prototype created by Lunchbox Team 

o Design Prototype reviewed, feedback and finalized by Customer 

o Loyalty Set-up Confirmed by Customer 

o Menu Photos sent to Lunchbox 

o Confirm Launch Date(s) 

• Marketing & Configurations 

o Lunchbox + POS Configurations

o Menu Finalized: Photos, Dietary Restrictions and Calories 

o Lunchmoney Payment Processing Setup 

o Marketing Pre & Post Launch Strategy 

• Development & Testing 

o Lunchbox QA Products 

o Loyalty Imported from 3rd party 

o Internal & Partner Testing 

o Final Menu Verification with Customer 

o (2-hour) Training on Lunchbox Dashboard 

• Go Live & Release 

o Launch Date(s) (Delivery + Pickup only) with UAT 

o Support Handover 

o Production Deploy 

• Project Management 

o Weekly Meetings 

o Status Reports 

o Project Plan 

Design Approvals: 

• Customer will have an opportunity to review and approve the design specifications established by  Lunchbox prior to Lunchbox commencing the Implementation Services. 

• Lunchbox will use commercially reasonable efforts to implement design edits received before the  Design Cut-Off Date (defined below). 

• Design edits must be limited to design elements such as colors, fonts, images used, etc. Structural  elements cannot be modified, certain layouts cannot be changed, and new features cannot be  added. 

• The Design Process is inclusive of two rounds of revisions after which documented sign-off of the  design is required from the Client prior to Lunchbox commencing the Implementation Services. 

Platform Administration Dashboard: 

• Lunchbox will provide Customers with a web-based administration platform to equip Customers in  handling day-to-day restaurant tasks, including: changing store hours, halting online ordering  services, adding discounts, full and partial refunds, and granting loyalty credit. 

Quality Assurance & Testing Assumptions: 

• Lunchbox will conduct testing on all applications in preparation for the rollover to the “production”  or “user-ready” environment. Lunchbox will conduct a thorough Systems Integrations Test to  validate that all the basic application components and interfaces to the Customer’s internal  systems function correctly. 

• Customer will also conduct a “menu verification” test to confirm all menu items are visible and  their subsequent calories, modifiers, prices, and pictures are correct. 

Configuration & Implementation Assumptions: 

• Customer will supply data via the prescribed format below (Data – clause 4) or additional  Implementation and License Fees will apply. 

• Configuration fees for any additional products and services will be provided upon request, after  Lunchbox performs the requisite scoping, and are not included in License Fees. 

• Configuration fees for development of any new Components or Websites will be provided upon  request, after Lunchbox performs the requisite scoping, and are not included in Implementation  Fees. 

Implementation Sign-off:

For Final UAT Sign-off, Customer will have up to 1 weeks (i.e. 5 business days) to test the Services and confirm  in writing that the implementation meets the acceptance criteria and all requirements set out in this  Schedule A. If Customer does not reject any specific Deliverables of the Services in writing within this review  period, the Services are deemed accepted. In addition, the Services are deemed accepted if at any time it is  used for commercial purposes, is approved for Production deployment, or is used by Customer Customers.  Once acceptance is received, the Services will be made available on the Production Platform for Customer  use. 

4. DATA 

• Customer will provide Lunchbox an export for existing user data in the format of .CSVor Excel,  Lunchbox will consult with Customer on developing such data export but will not be responsible  for expediting any milestones or deadlines. Upon receiving user data migration deliverables from  Customer, Lunchbox will migrate said data into the platform. Lunchbox is not responsible for any  liability resulting from discrepancies in the data export. 

• Data must be provided to Lunchbox in a consistent format that is specified by Lunchbox. • An inventory of all points and their mappings will be defined by Lunchbox. 

• A set of documented rules for specific treatment and presentation of data will be created by  Lunchbox. 


The Customer will ensure that the following responsibilities are met: 

• All data is to be supplied by the Customer and is assumed to be accurate and publishable and must  be provided in a consistent format as agreed with Lunchbox. 

• It is preferable that data be supplied by the Customer as soon as possible after project kick-off but  no later than 3 - 5 days after the Effective Date. Should the Customer not be in a position to deliver  data within this timeframe, then the project may be put on hold until such time as the Customer  data will be available and Lunchbox has resources available to continue the project. Customer must  also supply other content and approvals as applicable as per mutually agreed timelines confirmed  during Kick Off & Design. Should the Customer not deliver data, other content, and approvals as per  the agreed upon schedule, then the project may be put on hold until such time as the Customer  data, content, or approvals are received and Lunchbox has resources available to continue the  project. In summary, Lunchbox reserves the right to reassign resources due to Customer delays,  and Lunchbox will determine when resources can resume the project after Customer data, other  content, or approvals are received, which will also result in extensions to the project timelines. 

• All users and entitlements shall be administered and maintained by Customer as applicable. • Management of any required Third Parties. 

• Timely review of and feedback on Deliverables, including User Acceptance Testing during  Implementation. 

• Procurement of any photography, fonts and any media should this be required. • Provision of any required language translations, document generation, and data calculations, as  applicable. 

• Provision of information required to generate certificate signing requests and certificates required  for the website, unless fees are included for Lunchbox to obtain and maintain certificates on behalf  of the Customer. 

POS Integration Assumptions: 

• Customer will obtain any necessary permissions and provide any credentials required to access  their POS environment. 

• Lunchbox will not be responsible for managing Customer’s chosen POS system and will not be  involved in any menu management or building. 

• Customer will provide Lunchbox with a menu built inside its POS system, containing all menu items  that are required to be launched in the chosen platform detailed in the Client Services Agreement. • All configurations related to service charges, taxes, discounts, dining options, delivery fees.

• Lunchbox will not be responsible for any integration wait times for developers that are managed by  the POS companies. Customer will be responsible for managing all POS queues and waiting lists for  current and future POS features that are available with an API integration for Lunchbox. This  includes all communication related to but not limited to facilitating access, documentation, sandbox  API credentials, and production API credentials for all POS features. 


The ability of Lunchbox to perform its responsibilities depends on the fulfilment of the assumptions and the  Customer Responsibilities described in Section 5 of this Schedule A. In the event that any unmet assumption  or Customer or Third Party responsibility delays or impairs the performance of the Services, then to the  extent of such delay or impairment and without prejudice to its other rights and remedies, Lunchbox will be  entitled to additional time for performance of the services, and to charge additional amounts in respect to  incremental effort or expense incurred, provided that Lunchbox first provides prior notice to Customer  regarding the potential schedule or fee impact as soon as such an impact is reasonably foreseeable.  Lunchbox does not white-label last-mile delivery services (e.g Doordash Drive, Postmates, Relay etc). The  customer is responsible for maintaining all relationships with the last-mile delivery provider including any  legal engagements for integration with Lunchbox. 


Customer will process online orders exclusively through its ordering system powered by Lunchbox and may  not circumvent the Lunchbox platform when processing online orders. All third party marketplace ordering  platforms like Grubhub, UberEats, Doordash are excluded from this restriction. 


There is generally a two-week lead time for work to be scheduled, once this License Agreement has been  signed. 

All timelines are estimates only and will be confirmed during Onboarding & Discovery, pursuant to  representative data being supplied via the Lunchbox API. 

Configuration begins when the Customer has signed off on the completion of Planning and Analysis which  includes the agreement on the scope of requirements and the receipt of all data, style guides and/or  documents as applicable. Failure of Customer to provide deliverables as per agreed schedule will result in  project delays; continued failure to provide deliverables will result in the project being put on hold. 

Please note: 

Lunchbox will not provide Implementation services of any kind during the year end production freeze starting 18 December 2022 and ending 4 January 2023. We will have limited staff on hand for support services only. These dates will be factored into the project plan.