Firehouse Subs + Torchy's Tacos + Walk On's Growth  Firehouse Subs + Torchy's Tacos + Walk On's Growth
  Firehouse Subs + Torchy's Tacos + Walk On's Growth  Firehouse Subs + Torchy's Tacos + Walk On's Growth


Torchy's Tacos, Walk-On's, Firehouse Subs

Services:Order Aggregation

Third-Party Sales Growth


Enterprise brands Torchy's Tacos, Walk On's, and Firehouse Subs turned to Lunchbox’s Order Aggregation solution to streamline their operations and elevate the guest experience. By consolidating order management and menu management across numerous third-party marketplaces, these brands saw remarkable YoY revenue growth and significant cost savings. The platform's innovative Smart Menu structure expertly flattens restaurant menus for intuitive guest navigation, while simultaneously optimizing for maximum conversion. The result? A surge in sales, reduced errors, and a hassle-free ordering process for both operators and their digital patrons.

7X Return on Investment7X Return on Investment


This case study looks at two years of order aggregation data across four enterprise restaurant customers using the solution to manage menus and orders across multiple third-party marketplace platforms. The data asses the year over year growth in sales, cost savings compared to competitors such as Olo Rails, and the overall return on investment.

In all cases, the numbers are in favor of Lunchbox in providing sales growth, reducing costs, and maximizing ROI on technology investments. In regards to aggregating third-party orders and driving efficiency in operations, Lunchbox provides a valuable solution to multi-unit and enterprise restaurants. This solution can be implemented as a stand-alone technology, integrating with existing tech stacks, or used alongside other Lunchbox solutions such as catering order management, online ordering, and app ordering.

Third-Party-Orders POS Integration

Torchy’s Tacos, Walk On’s, Firehouse Subs, and Oggi’s implemented Order Aggregation to solve a need for streamlining third-party orders into their native POS environment. This product allows third-party delivery and pick-up orders to be automatically downloaded and seamlessly integrated into the POS system.

With orders syncing to the POS in real-time, restaurants see an improvement in efficiency and accuracy. The order injection success rate is 99.6%, leading to an increase in orders accepted and therefor higher sales overall. Brands using Order Aggregation see 48% increase in savings versus competing solutions.

Automated Menu Management

The Smart Menu feature allows restaurants to enable real-time syncronization between their menu items, modifiers, nested modifiers, prices, 86’d items, photos, and store hours. With menu syncs happening every time a change is made, and once every 5 minutes regardless of change, operators are ensured accurate and up-to-date menus across all third party platforms and a reduction in rejected orders.

Items, specials, seasonal items, names and descriptions are updated in real-time. With photos up to date, and seasonal specials stoodup within minutes, marketing and IT teams can go to market quicker and eliminate brand inconsistencies. This ensures that there are no missing photos or item descriptions, lending to an improved guest-experience and higher conversion rates. Lunchbox enterprise restaurant customers see an average of 12% year over year growth in sales.

Automated Menu Building

Lunchbox Smart Menu automatically flattens and builds the menu for the most optimized guest-experience across third-party platforms. Without any manual building needed, IT teams save time and effort integrating with the solution.

The menu is automatically built with three layers of modifications, closely mimicking the in-store experience, and maximizing guest conversion rates. Smart Menu eliminates overly-complicated menu structures and provides the guest with the easiest ordering experience. With menu-flattening, restaurants can expect to see growth in sales and a positive return on investment. Customers see an $7 to $1 average return on investment with Order Aggregation.


The Results

YoY Increase in Third-Party Sales:


Return on Investment:


Savings vs Competitors:


After implementing Order Aggregation, Enterprise Restaurant Brands see 7X ROI, 12% YoY Third-Party Growth, and 48% Savings.