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Chip NYC has taken the cookie business by storm. Having only started in 2017 they have already amassed a social…

Chip NYC has taken the cookie business by storm. Having only started in 2017 they have already amassed a social following of over 100,000. Their heart and soul comes from the 14 uniquely delicious flavors they’ve developed alongside the over 20 specialty ones. Chip NYC came to Lunchbox to develop their web ordering platform. They needed a system that allowed for their menu to be easily changed on the daily, with their always evolving menu that changes from one day to the next


Working with Lunchbox was going to be Chip’s first foray into the world of digital ordering. Chip had to have a system that allowed for incredible menu flexibility and editing capabilities. In discussions with the other potential partners, this was the most common hurdle that vendors had to figure out ( or couldn’t in some cases).


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With this new and exciting partnership Lunchbox was able to integrate into a brand new point-of-sale system: Revel. By integrating into this new POS for Chip, we are able to give them full control over their digital ordering experience and operations. Location managers are able to now have their menu imported automatically every morning to their website without having to go into the admin panel and manually set each item. The Lunchbox system simplifies the operations my automating this process entirely. With their limited supply, and almost always selling out, Chip is now able to accurately track and offer the right inventory for their digital ordering. No need to worry about customers ordering an item that has already been sold out. The best part: this is all done from one simple location on the robust and powerful Lunchbox Admin Panel. 

As a brand in extreme growth, Chip NYC needed to set up their digital ordering to be able to match their pace. With the flexible operations and management that Lunchbox was able to provide, Chip NYC’s digital ordering is now poised to keep pace with them no matter how fast they run.


Chip NYC has seen month-over-month revenue increase since they have partnered with Lunchbox. Along with healthy growth in their revenue, Chip has seen a large climb in users that have migrated from the third-party sites, like Grubhub and Ubereats. They are now able to take the customer data and profiles they have collected and created exciting and actionable marketing campaigns that have a near 1:1 relationship with the individual customer.

With Chip NYC looking to the future, there is only continued success in this already blossoming relationship with themselves and the power that the Lunchbox Digital Ordering Suite has to offer.

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