Solving High Costs & Lost Sales: How to Tackle Phone Orders in 2024

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MAR 21, 2024


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The State of Phone Orders in 2024

In 2024, a delicate balance with quick-service restaurants (QSRs) must be mastered; customer satisfaction is king, but so is operational efficiency. Massive enterprise restaurant brands face the unique challenge of maintaining this balance at scale, especially with the ongoing labor shortages (according to NRA, the industry is still 500k jobs short). Ensuring every customer is heard, every order is placed correctly, and no opportunity for service or sales is missed is the ideal, but not easily achieved. Amidst these challenges, one significant pain point emerges...phone-in orders.

Despite living in a digital age, in 2023, 35% of customers still preferred placing orders by phone. This preference can clash with the fast-paced environment of a busy restaurant, where front-of-house staff are often too swamped to provide optimal phone service. Missed calls mean missed revenue, a problem magnified for multi-unit brands where every call counts.

How Call Center Solutions Can Reduce Costs and Drive Growth

Lunchbox Call Center offers a robust solution: a centralized, upsell-trained call management system. Utilized by nationwide brands like Papa John's, it enables restaurants to manage phone orders effectively without disrupting front-of-house duties. But how can this system address the specific struggles of full-service and QSR brands? 

Let's explore four strategic suggestions on how Call Center can transform your restaurant's operational efficiency.

Read how Papa John's increased its check sizes by 10% through Call Center solutoins


Streamline Operations Without Sacrificing Service

For large QSR and full-service chains, the sheer volume of incoming calls can overwhelm staff and lead to a drop in service quality. Implementing a centralized call center like Lunchbox allows these brands to handle high call volumes efficiently. This system ensures that:

  • Every call is answered promptly, reducing customer wait times and abandonment.

  • Front-of-house staff can focus on in-person customer service and order efficiency.

  • Orders placed via phone are accurate and streamlined into the kitchen workflow without interruption.

Maximize Revenue Through Strategic Upselling

A central struggle for enterprise QSRs is maximizing check size across all ordering platforms. Lunchbox Call Center addresses this by providing:

  • Upsell-trained operators who understand the menu and customer preferences and are capable of suggesting additional items in a friendly, non-intrusive manner.

  • An average increase in revenue by 15% and a 10% increase in check size

  • Seamless integration with existing POS systems, ensuring upsells are not only suggested but also efficiently processed.

  • An average increase of $2 per $20 check

Enhance Customer Experience and Loyalty

In the competitive QSR landscape, customer experience can be a significant differentiator. By ensuring no call goes unanswered, Lunchbox Call Center helps:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing a responsive, attentive ordering experience.

  • Build customer loyalty by ensuring consistent, positive interactions with every phone order.

  • Reduce customer frustration related to long wait times or unanswered calls, mitigating negative reviews and increasing repeat business.

Reduce Labor Costs and Improve Employee Satisfaction

A significant challenge for massive enterprise QSR brands is labor management – specifically, optimizing staff allocation while minimizing costs. Traditional models require a substantial number of employees to handle various tasks, including taking phone orders, which can be both time-consuming and divert attention from in-store customer service. Here’s how integrating a solution like Lunchbox Call Center can dramatically reduce labor costs and enhance operational efficiency:

  • Minimize headcount and focus staff back on in-store guests and digital orders

  • Cut down on training and up-skilling costs

  • Keep in-store staff focused on core operations

Wrapping Up

For big brands, addressing the pain point of managing phone orders can seem daunting. However, with solutions like Lunchbox Call Center, these brands can turn a significant challenge into a substantial opportunity. By streamlining operations, maximizing revenue through strategic upselling, and enhancing the overall customer experience, QSR brands can meet and exceed the expectations of their vast customer base.

Interested in transforming your phone order process and boosting your bottom line? Book a demo with Lunchbox Call Center today.

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