25 Restaurant Customer Statistics You Want to Know

Lunchbox Editorial

Engaging with customers can be incredibly challenging if you don t know how they interact with your brand. We’ve done some research and gone ahead and compiled a list of 25 facts and stats that we thought were pretty interesting! Have some facts or stats of your own? Share in the comments below!

1. 77% of consumers and 60% of millennials say they?ve held relationships with specific brands for 10+ years (InMoment)

2. Discounts and coupons came in as the top-ranking tactic for driving loyalty with 61% of consumers saying they use them (Expedia Affiliate Network)

3. Customers that continue to support your brand over time will spend 67% more than new customers (Edelman)

4. Nearly 80% of consumers said it took at least three purchases for them to consider themselves loyal and 37% said they weren?t loyal until they had made at least five purchases (Yotpo)

5. 74% of consumers think the knowledgeable in-store staff is important to their brand experience (Oracle)

6. 64% of consumers said fair pricing motivates them to try a new brand, followed by free shipping (61%), reviews (57%), word of mouth (46%), great shopping/buying experience (37%), loyalty perks/rewards (35%), ads (15%) and influencer endorsement (4%) (Yotpo)

7. 67% of Gen X and 75% of boomers said that when they find a product they like, they buy it over and over again (Morning Consult)

8. Boomers said they stopped buying from a brand because the quality of products or services went down (24%), prices went up (17%) and some had customer service issues (14%) (Morning Consult)

9. 29% of U.S. internet users that make $100K+ tend to be loyal to specific brands and largely buy from them repeatedly vs. 18% of those that make $50K-$100K and 18% of those that make under $50K (Morning Consult)

10. 55% of consumers said they use both digital and paper coupons (Inmar)

11. 53% of consumers expressed a desire for all coupons to be digital (Inmar)

12. 82% of consumers who rely on digital coupons while shopping redeem the offer within a week and 30% apply it less than 24 hours after receiving it (Inmar)

13. Experiences that would make customers take their business elsewhere include unfriendly service (60%) and employees? lack of knowledge (46%) (PwC)

14. 76% of customers felt that receiving personalized discount offers based on their purchase history was important (LoyaltyOne)

15. 61% of consumers subscribe to mobile messaging because of incentives or coupons, combined with 55% who subscribe because of loyalty rewards points (Vibes)

16. 48% of consumers have left a brand?s website and purchased from a competitor due to a poorly personalized experience (Accenture)

17. 76% of Gen Z and Millennials only give brands two to three chances before they stop shopping them (Alliance Data)

18. 34% of consumers spend at least $50 per order when ordering food online (Upserve)

19. 65% of consumers based purchasing decisions on the words, values and actions of company leaders (Accenture)

20. 84% of consumers say they share information as a way to support causes or brands that they care about (Edelman)

21. 76% of savvy millennial and gen x shoppers say an offer or discount is the largest factor in their purchase decisions (RetailMeNot)

22. 82% of Americans say being provided an exclusive offer would increase how often they shopped with a brand (Kelton)

23. 92% of Americans would be concerned with some part of the process around being verified for an exclusive offer (Kelton)

24. 83% of Americans have concerns with the types of data that would be collected for eligibility to an offer (Kelton)

25. 46% of Gen Z consumers and 55% of Millenials are willing to share their data in exchange for personalized experiences (CrowdTwist)

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