6 Tips to Create the Best Food Photography

Lunchbox Editorial

Customers eat first with their eyes when it comes to digital ordering.

They love looking over a menu, searching for that item that sparks their appetite.  With this tips & tricks guide, we?ll show you how you can ensure that every customer that comes to your digital ordering sites or app craves every item they see.

1. Build a Shot List

Creating a shot list is key to keeping your shoot organize. Not only will the kitchen love you for giving them a heads up to what they?ll need to prep, but you can also check off each item as you move along. Staying organizes allows you to focused and creative when you?re on set.

2. Simplify the Setting

The background should be simple and not distract at all from the menu item. To make the photo feel more branded bring in subtle elements like textures of the wood on the following photo. A good practice to set is having a ?Mood Board? developed and researched before you go on set. Experiment with different setups and looks through rough mockups that help you visualize what you want. This way you the guesswork has already been done when you arrive at the restaurant.

3. Purposeful Placement

Customers are coming to your site for one thing; to see your menu and what the food looks like. So, it?s important to make sure your menu items are the star of the show. Whether it?s an off-center photo or straight-on shot, your food should be placed to have the highest focus. If you want to add in secondary elements, such as raw ingredients of what the item is made of, be sure they are ?supporting? the main item, not overpowering. When composing placement a great starting point is to think in the rule of three.

4. Consistency

Consistency is key. Not only does it help keep the shoot simple, but your digital will feel cohesive and professional.  How items are lit should remain constant across the whole menu, if you use a specific set-up make sure to document how it?s setup. A blend of natural and artificial lighting will stand out, and not in a good way. If you shoot one salad overhead have all salads be shot overhead. Consistency in photos will make the ordering menu feel united, well branded and professional.

5. Shoot to Crop

When shooting keep in mind it?s easy to crop an image in, but very difficult and time-consuming to crop an image larger. Save yourself time and a headache by shooting a larger frame and cropping in later. This will also help you when it comes to sizing photos for various aspect ratios.

6. Coloring

The colors within a photo are key to making the menu item look it?s most appetizing. If you are shooting food that is enjoyed hot you want your color balance to lean towards the warm side (reds, yellows, and oranges). If you have a mix of hot and cold items, find the balance that works for the overall menu. This helps to ensure consistency throughout the menu design.

Your menu is the personality of your restaurant and brand. It shows who you are and is why customers come back to you again and again. So it?s important to take the time and make sure that when it comes to your digital ordering, your menu is as well composed for your customer just as if they were in your brick and mortar locations.

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