How To Get Valuable Customer Feedback For Your Restaurant

Lunchbox Editorial

A fine-dining experience is much more than the mere presence of high-quality and delicious food. The slightest hiccups in customer service, order accuracy or ambiance can leave customers unsatisfied. Soliciting their feedback can help restaurants pinpoint these issues so they improve in areas that might compromise operations.

Feedbacks are crucial for all businesses, particularly restaurants, because of the food industry?s high reliance on reviews and word-of-mouth marketing ? research shows that 71% of customers look at reviews and testimonials before visiting an eatery.  However, most restaurants find it challenging to acquire feedback from customers ? it?s an uphill battle to get them to fill out customer-feedback forms or leave honest reviews on online platforms like Yelp. 

Struggling to obtain customer feedback? Here are a few ways to get started:

Incentivize Feedback

Give away discount coupons to customers who are willing to fill out your feedback forms ? whether online or in person. If that doesn?t work for you, you can always offer free drinks or a dessert to anyone who completes your survey. The right incentive can also improve the probability of a second visit from the same customer. 

For instance, Bareburger ? a Lunchbox client ? uses Tattle to offer customers a free side of onion rings for leaving an honest review. The restaurant later accesses the Tattle dashboard to learn more about any incidents and operational problems and works on those areas to improve productivity and raise the standard of service.

Some online services can automatically generate a discount coupon on the completion of an online survey. This way, you can receive the necessary data digitally and still motivate your patrons to give you the feedback you need.

Go Mobile With A POS System

In this digital-savvy world, people find it easier to use gadgets to deliver feedback than to speak it out loud ? this is where Mobile POS, like ToastGo? Handheld comes in. 

A mobile POS system allows users to submit their responses without using a touchscreen tablet ? just present them with the device when they are ready to pay their bills ? they can reply to your questions while you process their payment. ToastGo? Handheld by our integration partners Toast offers customized devices for restaurants, enabling them to acquire quick feedback with a star rating as the customer checks out. These handheld devices also give restaurants the ability to reduce the waiting time after an order is placed. 

Use Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Google are popular channels for brands to interact with their customers and get vital feedback from them. When your patrons are singing praises about your restaurant, tell them to submit an official review on your Facebook, Google and Yelp pages as well as other online listings.

This will benefit your restaurant in two ways: it will give people time to really think about their dining experience, compelling them to provide a more holistic review of your services. And secondly, other potential customers will be able to see these reviews, which will convince them to opt for your restaurant.

In Conclusion

Customer Experience Management solutions such as Tattle make it easier for restaurant businesses to use the feedback to provide insights into areas that need improvement. After all, this feedback is one of the most reliable sources of quality data that you can use to make the right business decisions. Lunchbox can help you get additional insights into your customer?s pain-points through integrated POS solutions, allowing you to better your services through feedback.

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