The Importance of Owning Your Customers Data

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Your business is built on the relationships you have with your customers. One of the modern tools business owners and managers can use to connect with their customers and build stronger relationships is all the information they gather through their ordering platform. If you use a third-party service, such as GrubHub, to manage your takeout and delivery orders you lose access to this valuable information along with other metrics that would otherwise help you grow your business and your relationships with your customers.

Why You Need to Own and Utilize Your Customers Data

Knowing your target demographic is a necessary part of running a food and beverage business. But knowing exactly who is ordering from you and being able to interact with them is equally as important. When you have access to your customers email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and other data points you not only have a much better insight into whom youre serving but you can also utilize this information to buildup meaningful relationships with these guests.

If you know a customers email address or phone number you can give them the option to receive messages from you, telling them about promotions, offers, and special events. In addition to this, if you know their birthdays, anniversaries and other dates important to them you can send them personalized offers relating to these events in their life. Utilizing customer data to start a dialogue with your customers when theyre not in your location highly improves the chances that theyll return to visit your business again.

Your Customers Data With Third-Party Services

When you use a third-party service, such as GrubHub , to manage your takeout and delivery orders you lose access to all of your customers data. These companies do collect this data, but they dont share it with you! They keep it to themselves and use it for their own benefits. This means that you lose the ability to build connections and an even stronger relationship with your guests.

Your Customers Data With First-Party Services

If you use a first party-service, such as lunchbox.io, Olo, and Chownow to manage your takeout and delivery orders then you have the ability to collect and manage the data points that your customers provide upon signup. This information can then be used to contact your customers directly, helping you build stronger, more meaningful relationships with these guests.

Take ownership of your relationship with your customers by using a first-party service to facilitate your takeout and delivery orders. Lunchbox, is an excellent first-party service option to use to mange your takeout and delivery orders, as well as allowing you to personally collect and manage your customers data. Head to lunchbox.io to organize a demo now and put your customer data back in your hands!

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