5 Ways to Elevate Your First-Party Digital Ordering Experience

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Digital ordering is the new norm. It?s changing the way restaurants interact with their customers and this means restaurateurs and managers need to find more creative and immersive methods to enhance the customer?s experience and relationship with their brand and their business. Because of the rise of digital ordering, especially through third-party apps, it?s becoming harder and harder to capture customers and turn them into lifelong patrons and promoters of your business. Enhance your customer?s digital ordering experience and bring them closer to your business with these 5 digital ordering add-ons.

1. Integrated Customer Review System

Your customers want their voices to be heard. Whilst this is easy when they?re sat in your location, when they?re ordering for takeout and delivery it is a different story. With these digital, off-site orders you and your staff can?t check on them, provide ?service?, or receive and respond to feedback. This leaves many restaurants with the conundrum of not knowing whether or not their customers are satisfied and not being able to gather information on how they can improve their business.

Lunchbox has partnered with Tattle to provide an intelligent customer review system that is integrated into your app. Tattle?s customer review system is quick and easy for customers to use to provide timely feedback and can be used to target specific elements of your business where you might think your below standard. This means you can stop waiting for reviews to appear on public review sites and get any feedback quickly -before it gets onto the public review sites- and act on it with efficiency.

2. Loyalty and Rewards Programs

People love being rewarded, and loyalty to your business is one thing that?s definitely worth rewarding! Many businesses, small and large across a wide variety of industries, have recognized this and now have loyalty and reward programs integrated into their business models. Integrating a loyalty and rewards program into your digital ordering platform not only increases the likelihood that they?ll return to place another order but it also gives customers something to achieve, increasing the amount they spend as they work toward unlocking their next loyalty reward.

3. POS Integration

Many third and first-party digital ordering solutions require extra, sometimes costly, devices in order to receive and process their orders. This adds an extra step to the process of processing these orders, which can introduce human error into the mix. Imagine if, because you?ve had to transfer order from one device to another, that an item is missed off a ticket or that an allergy alert is missed off a ticket! The customers who receive these orders are likely not to return to your business and, even worse, they may warn their friends not to use your business!

Lunchbox has partnered with Toast, and their progressive POS system, to remove this unnecessary step, and the human element, from digital ordering, finally making the process seamless, smooth, and mistake-free. 

4. Discounts and Promotions

Nothing entices people into a location like great discounts and limited-time offers. Lunchbox?s smart first-party digital ordering solution not only allows you to change your menus on the fly but it also allows you to run deals, birthday deals specific to individual guests, and challenges. Being able to provide your customers with unique offerings through your digital platform allows you to stand out from the crowd of businesses and to offer your customers much more than your competitors are.

5. Email Marketing Program

With digital ordering customer interaction is limited to just a few brief exchanges, allowing much less time to build meaningful and lasting relationships with your customers. Keep connected to and build a stronger relationship with your customers by integrating an email marketing program into your first-party order and delivery service, where you can tailor individual emails through an automated service. Such a service can let your guests know you?re there thinking about them. 

Through such a program you can spread the word of your deals and promotions, tell your loyal patrons about their next loyalty reward, and let them know how much their feedback means to your business. In short, this extra line of communication can help you to greatly improve your relationship with your customers as well as helping you to increase your sales

Turning one time customers into loyal, lifetime patrons is how hospitality businesses survive. With digital ordering on the rise, elevating and enhancing the customer experience with the items above is one way you can increase, and enhance, your interactions with your digital customers. The Lunchbox platform is the only first-party ordering platform to offer all of these enhancements; plus more! Take a trip over to lunchbox.io and request a demo of our product and see for yourself how a dedicated app and these extra features can enhance your customer?s experience.

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