How to increase your digital check average

Lunchbox Editorial
With digital ordering becoming the new norm, your digital check average just got way more important. There’s no server or bartender to help push items that make it easier to increase that average. So what do you do then for your digital orders? We’ve got a few ideas that are tried and true for restaurants. Check them out!

Customized Email Marketing

Using email marketing to connect to your already loyal patrons is one of the best ways to ensure that they?re kept informed of what you?re offering and can take advantage of whatever said offer may be. Taking this a step further, you can use Lunchbox?s customized email marketing add-on to target specific groups of customers with tailored marketing emails that reflect the lifestyle and ordering of these guests. The upshot of this is that you can upsell, pairings, sides, upgrades, and more expensive dishes that those customers can relate to. Sending those communications out at the optimum time when you know they might be considering ordering from you. 

Shareable Appetizers

When dining in a restaurant guests can be talked into -and will talk themselves into- order appetizers to share. However, when ordering from an app or via phone people rarely discuss ordering items to share choosing to focus on their own meal decisions.

Get around this by offering and promoting sharing size appetizers! Promote them through your email campaigns, social media marketing, and social media pages. Putting these items in front of your customers like this is going to tempt them into adding them to their next order and will at least have them discussing them, and your location, with their party.

Intelligent In-App Upselling

Lunchbox?s first-party digital platform has an intelligent, in-app upselling element built into it which learns how individual customers order on a personal level and makes suggestions based on their ordering habits. This also allows you to build in suggestions for such things as drinks pairings, side upgrades, and other elements of your menu. When doing this ensure that the upgrades you?re offering are relevant to the items in question or some customers may begin to question your motives.

Create Pairings

We?re not just talking wine, the beer world has grown and evolved so much over the past two decades that beer pairings are a legitimate thing! The Lunchbox app has the ability to promote such pairings and upsells to your customers, and if you wish you can also add these pairing options in the description of the food items. 

Lunch and Family Combos

Convenience is still king for many people; especially families and those on a time crunch lunch break. You can target these customers by offering simple and profitable combos that they can select and order with minimum hassle. These will contain, and cost, more than just a single dish, however, the ease and convenience of ordering such items from one of their favorite restaurants will put customers at ease and make them feel secure in the fact that they can order such items with a few clicks whenever they want.

Pushing personalized offerings in a timely fashion via dedicated emails, having the ability to upsell related items, and the option to create pairings are functions not available from third-party service providers. First-party providers offer these functionalities, and this provides guests with a richer and more personal experience making them not only feel wanted but that their needs, wants, and desires are being cared for and looked after by one of their favorite restaurants.


Learn how Lunchbox can help you with your digital ordering today!

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