3 Tips to Working Remote, Because it’s Here to Stay

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Since COVID-19 didn’t end with the New Year – thank you, “can’t wait for 2020 to be over” enthusiasts – we thought some tips for working remote is just what everyone needs to make the most of our 2021 work experience. 

From switching time zones, to zoom calls five feet from our bed – working remote is definitely interesting.  With the future of the workplace looking to develop into a hybrid model between office and remote environments – we think mastering some tips will help get us navigate our work week. 

This is huge – I think we are all able to acknowledge our typical 9-5 format is pretty much out the door and it’s cool until it’s not.  Remote work kind of blurs the line between working until 5pm and 8pm.  Setting hard stops is important and giving yourself a deadline is a great way to ‘clock-out’ on time. 

Being outside the traditional office environment, also means personal-accountability, so you have to be the boss of your time, and hold yourself accountable.  Set a detailed hour-by-hour schedule for yourself each day and stick to it!  Scheduling your day in a very detailed way not only gives your day some must-needed structure, but also allows you to see where and how you’re spending your time, to maximize your productivity. 

Breaking down your day into hour blocks can likewise aid you in approaching projects that seem too big to tackle by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable steps.  A good method to follow is the Pomodoro technique – setting 25 minute work cycles, with a 5 minute break between each cycle, and including a 15 minute break every 2 hours.  

You don’t need a luxury office space for this one – it can be as simple as having a desk and a comfortable chair to make time at work a little more satisfying.  Being stuck in one room all day is not ideal, but designating a space solely for work can create some separation between work and play. 

Working from home can be quite a blessing, but can take some getting used to. Get to know yourself and your habits. What factors enable you to be the most productive version of yourself? Essentially, you have the chance to create your ideal work environment if you can tap into the right state of mind.

Take a look at your routine from your ‘going to the office’ days. Are there habits you’ve stopped doing that might be making it harder for you to work from home? Like working out regularly, or not checking emails until you’re sat down at your desk and ready to start working? Pay attention to those variables.

It might seem frivolous, but if you work better when you’re put together, take those sweats off! And if you work best when you’re comfy, like Bernie, wear your favorite coat all day. The key is building the workspace (both literally and mentally) that works best for you.

Mental health is a tricky one and a topic that often people forget about when thinking about work performance.  Being at home pretty much constantly (we are looking at you, COVID), there is already a depressing aspect to doing the same tasks and seeing the same things.  The quarantine x self-care life is getting mixed reviews – some people are finding themselves to be more in-touch with themselves and their body, while others are fine with a quarantine moment.  And listen – both are fine, but mixing a 40 hour work week and an unenthused self-care mindset is not healthy.  Simple things are easy starters and will help prep you mentally and physically to take on the day/week.  

Take 30 minutes every morning and night to:

  • Check in with love ones 
  • Tidy up your spaces 
  • Get ready every morning 
  • Go on a walk or run 
  • AM/PM Yoga 
  • Read a book
  • Build out your personal calendar 

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