Quarterly Summit: January 2021

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At the start of the new year, we decided to break free from the January slump and set out to launch the first ever Lunchbox Summit ––  an occasion for us to speak directly with you, to take you under the hood, and to establish transparency as our company’s no. 1 policy.

And guess what? We did.

Last Thursday, January 28, 2021, we virtually hosted 230+ guests to our inaugural summit –– sharing our latest product roadmap, where we’ve been and where we’re going, as well as answered any and all questions –– all hosted by the most excellent leadership team in the biz. 

We even convinced Tom Colicchio to be our guest speaker (pinch us, still).

Don’t feel like reading? Here’s the TDLR version:

How can we put this humbly…Lunchbox is a team of f’n rockstars. We’re striving to bring the best of the best, not only to help grow our company, but also to learn from each other, and nurture our team. Currently, we’re seeking a stellar Customer Success Manager, Marketing Manager and Onboarding Manager. Check out our careers page for more info ––  come sit with us! https://lunchbox.io/our-team/

New innovations impact how we work productively everyday.  Innovations we have recently rolled out include pocket kiosks and a mini marketplace.  

Pocket Kiosks: Brings contactless dine-in ordering with the power of using their personal smartphones.  Our pocket kiosks bring not only the availability to shop from your phone, but pushes higher check averages and assists restaurants to scale back their staff and operations, making it more sustainable in the midst of a pandemic.  And the best news –– it’s free. 

Mini Marketplace: Allows restaurant groups to create their own multi-concept experience where guests are able to order from all restaurants in one cart.  It’s pretty much a mall in your pocket, allowing guests to order retail and food in one checkout. 

Integrations ––  it’s what keeps new guests coming in and current guests, coming back.  We love partnerships, especially if it means providing clients with the best platforms and tech.  

Some great platforms we’ve integrated with –– 

Segment:  Pushes your Lunchbox guest data into a central data platform to leverage across your entire techstack. 

Appsflyer:  Focuses on providing accurate and guest-centered data for marketing teams.  

Ovation: Creates timed guest feedback surveys that provide actionable data for your restaurants in real time.  

We aren’t claiming to be amazing (even though we are).  We acknowledge that we can get better and we’re scaling this idea.  Some things that we are tackling are ––  rebuilding our customer relations team, hitting reset on our day-today communications, and scaling our resource and solutions center.  Along with rebuilding, we’ve also improved.  We now provide support with a live chat on the Lunchbox dashboard that operates from 8am – 1am EST and provide a resource center for all of our clients operational questions. 

We have a big vision and we are looking to build it out this year.  *walks in CRM 2.0*  Our upcoming CRM upgrade is elavating the game of restaurant marketing through an integrated approach that creates powerful data-driven campaigns that drives higher ROI. 

CRM 2.0: 

  • Integrates campaigns across Facebook and Instagram right from the dashboard
  • Builds highly targeted segments that can be leveraged across your marketing efforts
  • Strengthens the relationships you have with your guests using data-driven approaches

To end of our scheduled summit programing, we opened the floor to questions. And in a continued effort of transparency, we decided to share the Q&A transcript here:

How many locations do you need to have to work with us?

We want to keep it simple and digestible for you. Right now, we’re working with people with five or more locations. It could be just one location, but we’re trying to work with clients who have ambition to go upstream and scale.  Lunchbox has more demand than we can take on right now, but we are also scaling our engineering and our on-boarding team.

How does pricing work?

We have a monthly SAAS (software as a service) fee.  Example:  it will be $200 per month, per restaurant, and you get everything ––  the marketing, the online ordering, everything.

Can the Lunchbox platform create things like marketing automations, customer loyalty and follow ups?

Yes, Lunchbox is able to push marketing automations ––  we use a marketing tool called Campaigner with the thoughts of changing it over to SendGrid in the future.  There are 42 data points that Lunchbox syncs with Campaigner to track if someone stops coming in, or if you want to encourage a 2nd visit –– or if someone has loyalty credit and they haven’t spent it yet.  Those email campaigns can be set up and your customer success partner will direct you to the right place to go to do so. 

What differentiates us as Lunchbox, from companies like Olo or Punchh? 

We will give you the real answer.  Punchh is a great loyalty system and Olo, a great online ordering system –– but we consolidate.  Our job is to teach you and help you talk to your customers.  We wanted to make the hospitality digital.  We are restaurants 1st and tech people 2nd.  That’s what is different about us –– you go to our website, talk to our clients, look at our products, our pricing, our contracts: that’s how we are different.

If I don’t have social sign on or Apple Pay on my Lunchbox platforms, how do I turn it on?

You can reach out directly to your Lunchbox rep and they will go ahead and get you up and running.


Learn how Lunchbox can help you with build and grow your ghost kitchens and virtual brands!

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